The World Health Organisation estimates that every year, road crashes claim 1.25 million lives and injures 50 million people worldwide. The situation is not hopeless as there is a sound body of scientific evidence behind road safety interventions. The WHO data shows that adopting and enforcing legislation relating to known risk factors (speeding, driving under influence, helmet use, seat belt use and child restraints) can lead to a reduction in road traffic injuries.
In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming 2011-2020 as the Decade of Action on Road Safety. The goal of the decade is to halve road crash deaths by 2020. There is a clear link between road safety and sustainable development. Encouraging sustainable transport policy involves making all forms of transport safe and accessible. Transport facilitates economic and social growth and integration. Today, road traffic crashes are acknowledged as a core aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals.


In January 2010, TOTAL and the World Bank entered into a partnership known as the Africa Road Safety Corridor Initiative (ARSCI) to use their combined knowledge and experience to tackle issues relating to road safety along Africa’s major trade and transit corridors. The first trade and transit corridors targeted were the Northern and Central Corridors.

  • The Northern Corridor links the port of Mombasa in Kenya with Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali and Bujumbura. The corridor is the primary access for part of the Central African Republic, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Southern Ethiopia.
  • The Central Corridor links Cameroun, Chad and Central African Republic through the cities of Douala, Bangui and Ndjamena.

Safe Way Right Way Kenya and Safe Way Right Way Uganda run activities on the Northern Corridor and Safe Way Right Way Cameroun implements road safety activities on the Central Corridor.

All Safe Way Right Way affiliates mobilise private sector firms and other actors in promoting road safety on the two corridors working closely with government agencies in charge of road safety, enforcement and infrastructure development.

Safe Way Right Way Kenya was formed in June 2011 to recruit and achieve partnership goals.

Safe Way Right Way-Kenya | Members

Board Members:
Total Kenya, EABL, Bamburi and Bollore Africa Logistics

Associate Members:
DT Dobie, Scania East Africa, Roy hauliers, Roy Transmotors, North Star Alliance, Kenya Transporters Association, Nestle EAR, Allianz Kenya, Petroleum Institute of East Africa & Lochab Transport.

Corporate members pay annual fees that finance road safety programmes.