Standards Charter

The World Health Organisation estimates that every year road crashes claim 1.25 million lives and injure 50 million people worldwide. Most road crashes occur in developing countries where road transport is one of the leading causes of death.

In recognition of this global crisis the United Nations declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The United Nations urged all stakeholders, including business leaders, to support the implementation of the decade.

In January 2010 the TOTAL Group and the World Bank entered into a partnership known as the Africa Road Safety Corridors Initiative to use their combined knowledge and experience to reduce road crashes on Africa’s major trade and transit corridors. This initiative is rooted in the belief that road crashes are largely preventable and road safety is a shared responsibility. A Public Benefit Organisation known as Safe Way Right Way (SWRW) was established to drive the initiative, recruit private sector partners and achieve partnership goals.


In Kenya, Safe Way Right Way members comprise; Total Kenya PLC, Bamburi Cement Ltd, East Africa Breweries Limited, Bollore Africa Logistics, DT Dobie, Kenya Transporters Association, Roy Transmotors, North Star Alliance, Petroleum Institute of East Africa, Roy Hauliers, Nestle EAR, Scania East Africa, Allianz Insurance Company and Lochab Transport. All SWRW members believe that one road crash victim is one too many and are committed to reducing the number and severity of road crashes. It is with this in mind that SWRW members have adopted a set of values and principles that define and elaborate collective commitment towards reduction of road crashes.


SWRW members are committed to operating based on the following values and common principles that assert their shared ethical standards and accountability in the following areas;

Third Party Transport Contractor Vetting

We are committed to working only with competent partners with good reputation by setting, and continuously reviewing, minimum vetting standards relating to legal compliance, financial due diligence, vehicle technical standards, Health and Safety.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are committed to drug and alcohol policy and enforcement, annual medical checkups, “on the road” driver monitoring and wellness support.

Capacity Building and Professional Development

We are committed to developing professionalism and adoption of road safety best practices in transportation by developing competencies amongst fleet owners, managers and drivers through structured training modules, reward and recognition schemes.

Journey Management

We are committed to ensuring that our transport itineraries are proactively planned and closely monitored to minimize fatigue, driving under influence, over speeding, night and dangerous driving in a bid to reduce road crashes and fatalities.

Vehicle Technical Standards

We are committed to ensure that all our members define minimum vehicle technical standards relevant to their transport need. More generally, that all members and third party commercial vehicles be equipped with a vehicle tracking device and an Emergency Response kit (First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, reflective jacket, warning triangles and wheel chokes).

Accident Reporting and Investigation

We are committed to ensure that all members and their third party transporters be required to report accidents and share results of investigations for future accident prevention.

Legal Compliance and Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies

We are committed to ensuring that our relationships with ourselves, public bodies, private organisations and Government bodies are legal, independent and transparent. We pledge to cooperate fully with agencies charged with the responsibility of traffic law enforcement and proactively engaging them in making appropriate changes responsive to dynamic industry needs and in line with global best practice.

Emergency Response

We are committed to our members working together to ensure salvage, site clean-up and restoration whenever accidents occur. We shall ensure “on the road” support, to our drivers, via road side wellness and emergency response centres.

Road Safety Community Actions

We are committed to engaging in corporate social responsibility actions targeting various aspects of road safety.