Car and General Donates a TVS Motorcycle for use during Motorcycle Rider Training

Black Spot Map Presentation to NTSA

2014 Road Safety Caravan Flag Off

General Stakeholders Meeting Private Sector World Bank and Ministry of Transport

Hand over of Salgaa Highway Rescue Centre to St John's Ambulence

Lower Kabete Road Safety Ambassadors entertain guests during 2014 WDR

Gazebo Donation at Spinal Injury Hospital

Boda Boda Riders During a Road Safety Training


Road Safety Management


This module will require instigating the creation of an institutional framework needed to implement road safety activities, adoption of modern road safety policies and accurate crash /road safety monitoring and reporting.

Road safety will be achieved via the creation of multi-sectorial partnerships and designation of national lead agency with the capacity to develop national road safety strategies, plans, and targets, supported by the data collection and evidential research to assess counter measure design and monitor implementation and effectiveness.